Join us at Dance It Off studio in Sandy Springs for Afro Dance Fun-K!

It's Fun. It's Funky. It’s time to move our boombseys®! Afro Dance Fun-K is a low-impact, high energy, full body, Kukuwa® Fitness workout that emphasizes working your core. African Pop Music pairs perfectly with easy-to-follow steps which are derived from African cultural dance movements. Easily modified to lower or heighten intensity according to your needs, this is a class suited for all bodies and ages! Ultimately, this is a class designed to align you with your joy while having fun breaking a sweat! See you soon!


Classes Begin Aug 28

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM



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What is Kukuwa® African Dance ?

I am so grateful that you are here!

My name is SatiMa Ra (feel free to call me Sati "Sah-Tee") and I fell in love with Kukuwa® Fitness by watching their videos online. I was fortunate to attend a Masterclass with Coach Cass in July of 2021 where I had so much fun that I decided to complete my certification in order to share this incredible way of life, in my unique way, with the world! As the only Active Certified Kukuwa® Instructor in Atlanta at the moment, possibly the state of Georgia, I am honored and excited to spread my love for this Joy-FULL art while helping people to reclaim their health and wellness!

Kukuwa is the name of the Ghanian Dance Professor and founder of Kukuwa® African Dance Fitness, the high-energy, and low-impact workout derived from African cultural dance movements. "The moves are designed to synchronize energy and breathing with the rhythm of the music; which is a carefully curated collection sourced from all over the continent of Africa specific for the choreography."

Join us in a Live class! I promise you, you will leave feeling energized, refreshed, FULL of energy, and satisfied knowing that you burned some major calories with joy and ease! ​Remember - Joy and Wellness are our natural birthright and Moving Your Boombsey® is a fabulous way to tap in! -=*See you in class*=- Oo

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